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My Story

I've lived most of my life surrounded by trees in the Pacific Northwest. Oftentimes those trees were a doorway to adventure as my sisters and I explored the woods around our home. They fueled my imagination as we hiked to hidden treasures, and formed clubs in poorly shaped tree houses. 

In my childhood, I was an orator, a teller of stories, but never one to write them down. I told stories of giants and fairies and kings where death and gore were common themes. As an adult, I began to appreciate stories with happier endings. 

Like many homes, ours was filled with undiagnosed issues such as bi-polar, depression, and ADHD. Along with plenty of issues that were never given a diagnosis because there wasn't a label yet created that fit our struggles. But we had plenty of happy times too like when our family sang along to jazz music and Peter Cetera while we deep cleaned and went on road trips to see our amazing state. 

As I've seen my children struggle with ADHD, Autism, and Anxiety I've come to appreciate the light we can shed on each of these topics while acknowledging the dark that sometimes surrounds them.

As a middle grade writer, I focus on telling stories with characters who need to walk through some darkness to find the light. But I always try to end on the light. I hope you'll trust me to bring you through the darkness and into the light with each story I write. 

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